Tasting Notes : Terra d’Oro Deaver 2009

Terra D’Oro Deaver 2009

Region : California, Amador

Grape : 100% Zinfandel

Price : around $25 online


This wine is kind of a double unknown for me. Not only do I have limited knowledge of US wines, I also have no knowledge of Zinfandel whatsoever. Unlike Pinot or Chardonnay, Zinfandel is not cultivated in France. It is in Italy though, under the name Primitivo, but I don’t think I ever saw it in a French wine shop. All I know about Zinfandel comes from my classes so I opened this bottle with an open mind. Actually, that’s not true, I opened it with a corkscrew. It’s really hard to open a bottle with your mind, empty or not, it doesn’t matter. Trust me on this one, use a corkscrew, it will go faster.

. One thing of note is that this wine is made with grapes from old vines, 125 years old vines to be precise. It’s usually a sign of quality as older vines have smaller yields and better grapes.

Eye: clear, medium to intense ruby color with hints of purple

Nose:  clean, medium to pronounced intensity. Red fruit notes like cherry or red plum and spice notes like cloves

Palate: low to medium acidity, medium tannins, light to medium body

In terms of flavor I feel the spices notes are more obvious than the fruit ones. The clove notes are especially present and it’s a flavor I really like for some reason. Fruit is more subdued than expected; it’s more plum than cherry in my opinion.

I have a hard time finding anything to say about this wine, nothing stands out, it, honestly, feels a little weak to me which is strange because the tannins are present and “soft” but the wine lacks a bite. I would say it’s subdued but almost too much.

Zinfandels have a reputation as “fruit bombs” but in that case, the really old vines are probably the reason the flavors are a lot more subtle with more spice box notes than orchard ones.

Food pairings: steak, any red meat really

Overall opinion: I can’t point anything wrong with it but I can’t say I’m wowed by it. I wish I had something even remotely interesting to say about this wine. All that I have is that it is really easy drinking because of the present but subdued spice notes. I’ve been drinking it as I write down these notes  with a Red Sox World series game broadcast in the background and the experience is nothing but pleasant.

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