Drinking alone, a quandary

Wine is a social thing, that’s what I was raised to believe. Wine is for lunches with my dad, family gatherings and dinners with friends. There is no greater feeling than looking at your friends with an empty bottle in your hands, your head lightly cocked to the side as you make sure that “yes, let’s open another one.” To me, wine means good times, and by extension, it means the people I love.

That’s why it’s a little unnerving to me that, with my classes and this blog, I find myself opening a bottle on my own, to have a glass and take notes. I mean, I can hardly learn about wine without drinking some. Besides, on a purely practical level, it’s a lot easier to take drinking notes when by yourself. It hardly makes for good company to hammer away tasting commentary on your smartphone while having a glass of wine on a date or during a family dinner. I’m far from being a social butterfly, but I know at least that!

So, I made the ruling that a glass of wine by myself from time to time is OK. I love being judge and accused at the same time. I also love making blanket statements like that. Everything is OK, it’s for my studies, and it’s for my blog… God, it really sounds like I’m making excuses…

On the plus side, if I ever go off the deep end, the moment I became an alcoholic is documented and can be tracked back. Small comforts, speaking of which, where is my corkscrew?

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