Sicilian ambush, COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria

COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG 2010

Region: DOCG Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Sicily, Italy

Grape: 60% Nero d’Avola and 40% Frappato

Price: around $28

Cerasuolo COS

I was ambushed last night and it was awesome. My wine industry friend called me up to tell me she disagreed with my notes on the COS Nero di Lupo. I apologized and reminded her that I’m really a novice and I need practice (which is true). So she improvised a practice session last night: I had to taste salty water, tea, sweet water and lemon juice to map the sensations on my tongue. Then there was a quick reminder of the tasting process and then, there was wine (tasted blind). And of course the wine was the COS wine I said I wanted to try the day before, of course… That was evil, but a nice kind of evil. Anyway, COS Cerasuolo, the DOCG wine from this winery, my third wine from COS was tasted last night. As an aside, Arianna Occhinpinti is actually the niece of one of the COS owners, it has nothing to do with the price of beer but I love useless information.

Eye: medium garnet

Nose: Clean, medium + intensity. Red fruit notes: cherry, raspberry, and strawberry

Palate: dry, medium + acidity, medium body, medium alcohol, medium + tannins, lengthy finish

The red fruit aromas from the nose are present, especially raspberry and cherry, strawberry takes a backseat and the cherry would be more a tart cherry than a fully ripe one. Cerasuolo means cherry in Italian so the aroma must be pretty topical. The finish is long with an oaky quality. The wine takes you through phases one after another it’s pleasant without being overly complex. Compared to the Nero di Lupo the fruity flavors are a lot redder, probably a Frappato contribution. Over reviewers talk about herb flavors, like rosemary and even a mineral quality. I can see the rosemary lurking somewhere, the minerality eluded me I must say.

Food pairings: Grilled meat cooked with herbs like thyme, rosemary or bay leaves, also pasta with the same type of herbs, a great food wine all around I think.

Overall opinion: I am yet to be disappointed by a COS wine. I loved this bottle and I could drink it all day. It does not try to overwhelm you with oak or tannins, it has fruit but not to the detriment of acidity, alcohol or complexity. I’ll start hunting the Frappato and the Pithos Rosso from COS so that I can show the world I truly have a one track mind.

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