Welcome home, Pouilly-Fuissé Vignes Romanes

Pouilly-Fuissé Vignes Romanes Bouchard Père & Fils 2009

Region: Pouilly-Fuisse AOC, Mâconnais, Burgundy, France

Grape: 100% Chardonnay

Price: around $20 (well 15 euros)

As my welcome home present after flying back to Paris from Boston on Saturday my mom cooked a simple dinner with some scallops and a bottle of Puilly-Fuissé. Pouilly-Fuissé is the flagship AOC of the Mâconnais, the southernmost sub-region of Burgundy. The Mâconnais produces red and white wines under the appellations Mâcon AOC and only white wines under 41 Mâcon-Villages AOC (produced each within a specific area). There are also 5 specific AOCs within the region that all produce white wines: Saint-Véran, Vité-Clessé, Pouilly-Vinzelles, Pouilly-Loché and Pouilly-Fuissé (the last three used to be grouped under a single Pouilly AOC appellation.

The “Vignes Romanes” moniker describes older vineyard parcels used for the best wines produced by Bouchard, one of the most famous Burgundy producers, in a way this wine is from the flagship AOC of Mâconnais, from the flagship vineyards of a flagship producer. We can hope for a good quality product.

pouilly fuisse Bouchard

Eye: medium lemon

Nose: Clean, medium intensity. Lemon and toasted bread notes

Palate: dry, high acidity, medium body, medium alcohol, lengthy finish

The citrus notes, mainly lemon, hit first with some floral notes on top (I mostly get linden) before transitioning into classic yeasty flavors like toasted bread or even brioche, the final is long with notes of bitter almond and hazelnut. The wine is very smooth and transition smoothly from one range of aromas to the next. Acidity is high but does not impair the various aromas.

Food pairings: Great seafood wine, also good with creamy cheeses (fresh goat cheese in particular)

Overall opinion: It’s a wine I kinda grew up with, a stable at family gatherings and a good example of a higher range wine from Mâconnais, a region that usually takes a backseat to Cotes de Beaune but that can deliver some good value for money bottles.

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