The wine gift options

‘Tis the season to be merry, ’tis also the season to give and receive gifts. ‘Tis by consequence the season to be disappointed by the gifts you receive. People who self-identify as wine-lovers, and more importantly, that are identified as such by their friends and family, are both hard and easy to shop for. Since they (we) have an easily identified hobby, it’s easy to steer towards wine-related gifts. The hard part begins when you actually have to pick an individual item to leave under the Christmas tree.

You could give the wine-lover wine, that’s easy, especially if you know what he likes or if you have some wine interest too. It could lead to post-holidays wine-tastings which would always be a plus! You could even pool together with some friend and splurge for a case. One thing I like to do is give wine with a theme: a bottle of Chasse-Spleen for a friend who is having a rough time (Chasse-Spleen translates as “chasing the blues away” or a bottle of Calon-Ségur for your special someone (there is a heart on the label which makes it a sought-after wine for Valentine’s Day).

Calon Segur

After that we enter the world of wine gadgets: anti-spillage rings, vacuum pumps, cooling buckets, tasting notebooks and of course corkscrews. I have received half a dozen corkscrews as gifts in my life (and I’m only 31). Fancy ones, simple one, technical ones, lever-action ones and a sommelier one I try to use as often as I can because I need the practice. Wine gadgets always bring a smile to the face but beware the gadget hoarding effect!

Finally, and I might be biased, a wine-related gift I love: wine books! I love books and I love wine, it puts two of my favorite things together like coffee ice-cream or breakfast in bed, it’s double fun. Since I’m a fairly recent serious wine-lover, I’m still in the building stages of my wine bookshelf (besides WSET manuals of course). I might actually get myself such a Christmas present.

More importantly, I’d like to wish everyone who reads, follows, comments or glances at this blog, a very merry Christmas and a fantastic Christmas meal.

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