In vino veritas

The Roman Empire is responsible fro spreading culture, civilization and wine to most of Western Europe, however wine production was quite peculiar back then. Romans tended to dump a piece of toasted bread in their wine to buffer against unpleasant tastes. They would also use lead, either in pots or mixed in the wine to help preserve it. For those who can’t remember their chemistry, or do not watch Breaking Bad, lead is highly poisonous.


Somewhere in there, there is a really bad pun about Saturn to make. I would do it but it’s the end of the year, good resolutions and all that… I’m trying to be a better person so I’m going to let it go. But it’s costing me…

1 thought on “In vino veritas

  1. Use of lead to give appearance of aged wine, caused the Purity Laws of Food, and carried a Seal of some Roman guy.., a General, who became a Consul of Rome.., his name.., oh yeah, his name was BRITTIUS.
    Only two men counterfeited the seal. Both were arrested and brought to Brittius, who in the piazza, drew his sword and beheaded them. The seal was never counterfeited after that.

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