Wine Music : Chablis and Meursault

 I want to finish 2013 by beginning a new series of posts about wine pairings. This time I don’t want to pair wine with food but rather with music. I feel like wine and music go well together as they are two matters that can be studied both technically and emotionally. Simply put, I want to match some wines with songs that they make me think of. I’ll do two or three wines per post and ideally a post once a week or every two weeks. I’m sure this has been done before that’s why I haven’t researched anything so that my pairings are truly my own. Let’s start with Chablis and Meursault

Chablis: Love will tear us apart, Joy Division, 1980

I have to say it was the first wine/song pairing that came to mind when I started thinking about this project. This song always makes me shiver and despair. Everything sounds bleak, stripped down to parts, inescapable and cold, so cold. The cool, strict, crisp and acidic character of Chablis immediately comes to mind. Chablis is not here to coddle you, he’ll tell it like it is, no lies, no sugarcoating, and no frills. The stony, resigned tone of Ian Curtis’ voice even matches the flinty character of Chablis.

Meursault: Let’s stay together, Al Green, 1972

When tasting, it’s easier to distinguish the character of one wine by using another wine to highlight some features by contrast. After cold, unforgiving Chablis I moved on to welcoming, round, full Meursault. The buttery character of Meursault wraps itself around you, telling you that everything will be fine; you’re in good hands, comforted, warm. A love song with a full, warm comforting song like this Al Green classic sounds like a good match to me.

What do you think ? Can you find a better match for those wines ? Any wines I should do next ?

And with that, I think it’s time to wish you good luck in your New Year’s Eve preparations, may your cooking go well and may the wine pairings be ever in your favor ! See you next year !

8 thoughts on “Wine Music : Chablis and Meursault

  1. I like the idea here and look forward to reading the posts. You certainly started with some good ones! They say “there’s nothing new under the sun.” So as long as you’ve never done it before, it isn’t a retread. And, of course, some things are worth repeating. lol

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