Wine Trivia : small is beautiful

All right, new category! Taking inspiration from The Drunken Cyclist and his Trivia Wednesdays posts, I will start asking trivia questions as well. I think it will be a little different in format as I’d rather give a longer, single question with context and hints than a set of questions with multiple choices.

I mentioned in an earlier post that small vineyards and thus small production were major causes of high prices for French wines. Burgundy was my example, especially when considering the tiny Grand Cru parcels and the wines they produce. The map of AOCs in Burgundy can get pretty maze-like and the smallest AOC in France is La Romanée Grand Cru in the Cote de Nuits. But if we exclude Burgundy from the equation, what is the smallest AOC in France?

What is this AOC? Which region does it belong to? What’s the main / only variety used there? Which AOC is it completely enclosed in?

3 thoughts on “Wine Trivia : small is beautiful

  1. Seems like there is more than one question pending here. lol I’ll trying answering the first. I don’t know all the ins and outs of French wine, but I think it’s the Château-Grillet AOC.

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