Wine Trivia : what’s in a name?

Congratulations to Confessions of a Wine Geek for answering the previous question correctly. The Dukes of Burgundy banned Gamay from their territories and the Chevaliers du Tastevin hold their meetings at the Chateau de Vougeot.

This week, here is a language related quiz. I listed a few English words that are a rough translation of grape varieties names from different languages. Can you find the grape variety and the language it was translated from? Some are really easy, some are trickier.

my name is

1)      Fog

2)      Spicy Traminer

3)      Little sweet one

4)      Black pinecone

5)      Black black (2 languages)

6)      Little green one

7)      Little early one

5 thoughts on “Wine Trivia : what’s in a name?

  1. 1. Nebbiolo from the Italian Nebbia
    2. Gewürztraminer from German
    3. Dolchetto Italian
    4. Pinot noir French
    5. Dk
    6. Verdiccio (guessing) Italian
    7. Tempranillo Spanish
    Fun quiz. Can’t wait to see the answer to 5. I don’t Evan have a guess.

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