You know who I am. Say my name

I have a confession to make, I like maps. I mean I love maps, love them. I have a few wine related maps decorating my apartment, I don’t know why, I just like maps, I think they look cool. I recently found a nice one on Wikipedia. It’s a map of Europe with the name for wine in several languages.

wine names

As you can see, pretty much everybody got on board with using some version of the Latin word, vinum. I’ll give a pass to Turkey and other countries that formed their words from the Arabic root. The Greeks used ancient Greek, ok fine, they invented democracy, I think they earned a freebie. But seriously, Hungary? I mean get on with the program would you? Bor? What kind of name for wine is that? You make Tokaji for Christ’s sake. I want to like you, why won’t you let me?

4 thoughts on “You know who I am. Say my name

  1. Definitely with you on the maps front – the only things that brighten up my fairly drab little apartment here in Male! I’m sure you probably know already but De Longs do some really great ones with regions/varietals in great detail and I LOVE Wine Folly’s shop which do some really original stuff. I have a ‘periodic table’ of varietals which cost me a fortune in shipping and framing but so worth it!

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