Ramblings indeed

It’s good to be home. I got back to Boston yesterday and I had time to get back to work today. I also, fortunately, got time to dig in before the snow storm hits tonight and tomorrow morning. I think I have enough wine to survive, I’ll be fine.

This being said, once the storm is over, I’ll have to re-stock. My wine rack looks sad right now. Is there anything sadder than an almost empty wine rack? This means I’ll have to go wine shopping. I’m considering just doing it online and see what I can get delivered (I’m lazy, that’s my worst flaw). I don’t have anything specific in mind but I know that I want to respect a few guidelines.

Actually, it’s more like one guideline, I want to only get US wines this time around, probably go heavy on Napa and Sonoma Cabernets and Merlots (it is winter after all). This will enable me to beef up to of my weakest areas of knowledge, California wines and the two main red grapes from Bordeaux. Of course I will document this study. I need wines to keep me warm for the rest of winter.

Also, I just got tickets to the Boston Wine Expo in a week. That should be a good occasion to try out new wines and write a few more blog posts. I have my work cut out for me, and once the jetlag lets up, I should even be able to start updating as often as I want!

Talking about the blog, I passed 1000 views last week. It still seems crazy that people would want to read what are, essentially, the ramblings of an amateur. I mean that’s even the title of the blog, Wine-Ramblings. Anyway, I appreciate everyone who’s read and commented on my posts and I hope I can continue to produce content you like!

4 thoughts on “Ramblings indeed

  1. If you ever want to try out some Burgundy varietals from a lesser known but up-and-coming Californian appellation-I’m tooting my own horn here- but Naggiar Vineyards and Winery makes some great wines- and we even sell grapes to wineries in Napa and Sonoma as well.

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