A (fun) study in white

Last night’s dinner turned into an impromptu tasting session. This might be the favorite sentence I ever wrote. Unplanned wine tasting session on a Thursday night, it’s called winning. My temporary roommate cooked a chicken with lemon and white wine while a friend and I provided the actual wine.  A couple of other friends were here to provide conversation. Teamwork, it’s always about teamwork.

Wine selection was heavily skewed towards white wines. We started off with a Ritual 2011, a Sauvignon Blanc from the Casablanca valley in Chile. Very well made, a little oaky without it being too much, citrus and tropical fruit and a nice acidity along with a long finish.


We followed up with a Chenin Blanc from Ken Forrester, the Petit 2013 from Stellenbosch in South Africa. I already tried a South African Steen a while ago and enjoyed it very much and this one did not disappoint. Beautiful green apple, pear and quince without too much acidity, very refreshing.


Next up was another Chenin Blanc, this time from Columbia Valley in Washington State, a 2011 L’Ecole No 41. A different take on Chenin Blanc than the previous wine, with more emphasis on tropical fruit. It was somewhat closer to what a Chenin from the Loire Valley (the traditional home of the variety) would taste like.


Finally we finished the evening with a O Rei de Campoverde, an Albarino from Rias Baixas in the Galicia province of Spain (just north of Portugal). It was a first from me, I do not know much about this grape and it was definitely surprising. Lots of citrus (grapefruit mostly) and some mineral character. Need to investigate further!


Anyway, all in all, a superb evening of white wines, singing, great food, new and old friends. I also like the fact that wine took us from Chile to South Africa, back to the West Coast of the US and then to Spain for less than $100 and without leaving my apartment in Boston. By the way, the jet lag was minimal, even with all the “traveling” that we did, hardly a headache was felt this morning.

Safe travels and a happy weekend to everyone.

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