Weekly Ramblings : MWWC8 & Possible blog changes

It’s time to be true to the name of this blog and ramble a little bit, just a few quick items that do not warrant a full post.

Voting for the latest Monthly Wine Writing Contest is on. The theme was “Luck” and my entry was “A Tale of two Harrys”. Go check the other entries and vote. There is some great stuff in there as always.

I have been busy with work and life and stuff and so I haven’t been posting as much as I want. Being busy is one thing, but, more sadly, another reason I haven’t been posting much is because I haven’t drank much wine lately! I know, scandalous, but also, I assure you, circumstantial. It will be back to normal very soon. I have several dinners, trips and tastings where wine will be prominently featured.

I’m also thinking of doing some maintenance on the blog, changing the layout, creating things, more links… I want to make it better and get more traffic so it’s something I’m researching right now. I’m trying to find some best practices, make the blog better.

Hopefully you’ll see changes very soon. And hopefully, they’ll be good ones.

That’s all for now, some tasting notes to be published next week along with more theory posts and some ramblings. Le vin est tire, il faut le boire !

2 thoughts on “Weekly Ramblings : MWWC8 & Possible blog changes

  1. It’s hard to blog about wine when your not drinking any eh? Such a tough unsaying self impose arduous task we have.
    I hit that wall a few weeks ago, was fought to find inspiration.

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