The Ramblings : Wine Blog Awards, reference lists and unusual wines

Ramblings time.  A few thoughts and links that don’t really warrant a full post but that might however be of interest.

Wine Blog Awards


You can submit your favorite wine blogs for the 2014 Wine blog awards. There are a few different categories (best blog, best writing, best post…) and it’s a good way to discover new online resources. If someone wants to submit Wine Ramblings in the Best New Blog category, I probably wouldn’t mind. I have to say the number of submissions is already impressive, there is such a big network of wine bloggers, and it’s hard to stand out.

Here’s the link


Speaking of numbers and recognition, I recently passed 100 followers and 2000 views on Wine Ramblings. Granted these are not huge numbers but they are milestones nonetheless and I am happy to reach them. Also, granted, all 2000 views might have come from my mom (Thank you Mom!) but still, at least it shows my mom is dedicated! More seriously, I want to think everyone who read likes and shares my content. A special thanks to people who comment because, well, I like discussing things.

Grape variety reference list

On a less self-serving note (Yes, I do feel bad about shameless plugging and horn tooting), here is an interesting resource, pretty much every wine variety in the world explained by Jancis Robinson. It is a really good, free resource for wine lovers, especially when you end up facing more obscure grapes. Robinson is one of the authors of the World Atlas of wine which is probably the most common reference book; in any case, it is the one I currently use. Here is the link

Weird wines

ritual pinot

It’s an issue I mentioned a few months ago, how do you evaluate a wine that is just an outlier, different and that doesn’t relate to anything you had before? I recently had a Ritual Pinot Noir 2012 from the Casablanca Valley in Chile and I was perplexed. It was super ripe and jammy with in your face prune aromas. I would have never guessed Pinot Noir, not in a million years. It wasn’t bad (I don’t think it was great), it just made me think about whether being typical; being representative of a style is a good thing or a shackle. It might also just have been my Burgundian heritage protesting at this manhandling of Pinot Noir.

 In any case, and until next time, Cheers !

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