Wine Music : Grenache

After a lengthy Twitter and email discussion with Zelda of Illustrated Wine, I decided to change the angle of my Wine Music posts a little bit. She argued that it would be more interesting to illustrate wines with more obscure or local music. Given the fact that I have an endless supply of French music to share, and that my previous offering of Burgundian songs was well received, I thought it would be worth a try.

It also helped that I had the perfect music/wine combo in mind for that new approach. Grenache is a grape from Spain which is most famous for the wines produced in France in the Southern Rhone Valley. It’s a lighter, fun, fruity grape that works well in blends and is fairly easy drinking by itself.

Given those characteristics, I think I would use a song by French band Les Negresses Vertes called Sous le Soleil de Bodega. Like Grenache, it’s light and fun, and also, it displays some Spanish sounds which calls back to the Spanish heritage of the grape. Finally, the song was made to illustrate wine as it contains a few invocations to Dionysos (Dionysus), the Greek god of wine, wine making and general drunkenness: “Toi Dionysos, bénis ma chair, bénis mes os” or, you Dionysus, bless my flesh, bless my bones.

Last reason I wanted to post this song, summer is finally coming to Massachusetts and not a moment too soon. This song always makes me think of summer, of heat, sun and lazy afternoons spent drinking wine on the terrace with my dad, this song is actually a favorite of his. Now I get that I’m the only one with an emotional connection to the song, but do you agree with the pairing?

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