A tart Summer red, Le Fraghe Bardolino

Le Fraghe Bardolino 2012

Region: Bardolino DOC, Veneto, Italy

Grape: Corvina / Rondinella

Price: $14

Summer finally decided to come to Massachusetts, and thank God for that. The thing, is, when Summer comes, it does not pretend, it’s really, really hot. Obviously, this is not a problem but rather an opportunity, when it’s warm, you’re thirsty, when you’re thirsty, you drink wine, easy and delicious solution to an easy problem.

Now most people will think that summer calls for white or rose wines and will leave their stock of reds almost untouched until Fall. I believe that’s a mistake, but only because I have been made aware of the power of the Summer Red! Summer reds are those red wines that you can serve lightly chilled (an hour or so in the fridge) and that will refresh you like a nice crisp white. It’s one of my favorite type of wine and it can come from various places. I trotted out my first summer red of the season last night, here’s the result.

The Bardolino DOC is located in Northeastern Italy, in the Veneto region, near Lake Garda. It’s made with Corvina and Rondinella grapes, two local varieties that can also be found in the neighboring, more famous DOC of Valpolicella.

Eye: Medium ruby with purple hints

Nose: Clean, medium-plus intensity. Lots of red fruits (cherries)

Palate: Dry, high acidity, very angular. Medium plus body, medium length of finish

Lots of fresh red fruits notes, mostly sour cherry and redcurrant that transition into darker notes of brambles and black pepper. The wine feels tart and refreshing but still has some body. It has certain elegance, if I had to compare it to anything it would be a red Burgundy with and added spiciness (black pepper notes).

Food pairings: It’s a summer red, perfect for sipping on the terrace with some cheese and lunchmeat

Overall opinion: I love Summer reds, this one is on the tart side which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes it particularly refreshing. It’s also quite affordable and I think it has good value for the price.

Grade: 6.5/10

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