About Wine Ramblings

I’m a 31 years old French guy who lives in Boston I was born and grew up in Paris and moved to Boston in early 2011. I have a degree in Marketing & Communication from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris and I work for a small software company as a Product Marketer.

I drink wine, I take wine classes and I like to write about it. I’m not an expert, just an wine amateur who loves to learn and to write. I’ll post tasting notes, a little bit of background theory, accounts of wine events I go to, interviews from wine industry players and more generally I’ll try to document my journey in wine. Eventually I’d like to find a job in the wine industry but  I’m still very much at the beginning of that process !

News : Passed the WSET Level 2 on November 19th 2013

Comments are appreciated, especially if they point out some mistakes.

I’m also open to suggestions, questions, re-blogs, guest-posting, etc… Just say Hi ! You can reach me at antoine.damelincourt@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About Wine Ramblings

  1. Very glad that, through your kind decision to follow my blog, I discovered yours: I love it and want to congratulate you on great content and a great project.
    Looking forward to following your… Wine Ramblings, Antoine! 😉

    • Thanks a lot Stefano ! To be honest the basic idea behind the blog was just to force me to put what I learn and discover in writing to better remember it but I’m having a lot of fun blogging now too 🙂

  2. Je viens de tomber sur votre blog en visitant The Wine Wankers (un blog que je suis). Bienvenue en Nouvelle Angleterre et aux US. Je vis en Californie maintenant. Bons vins ici aussi mais je garde une petite faiblesse pour les vins de mon beau pays!

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