I know what I’m talking about ! Maybe, somewhat, a little…

I learned yesterday that I passed the wine exam I took last month.

I have officially received the WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirit Award. The classes focused on the major grape varieties and wine-growing regions on the theoretical side and an introduction to serious tasting methodology on the practical side. Basically we study the basic characteristics of varieties and regions and then taste a few examples to illustrate the lesson. For instance after a lecture on Pinot Noir, there’s a tasting of Pinots from Burgundy, California and New-Zealand to illustrate the differences in style.


I was happy to realize I did better than I expected on the exam. It was a 50 questions multiple choice answer questionnaire and I got 43 questions out of 50 right. I remember finding the exam much harder than I expected so this came as a nice surprise.

I want to take the Advanced, level 3 class next year if I can afford it. It should be a lot more intense with actual tasting exercises at the exam, not just theoretical questions. A good challenge is always nice. A good challenge that gives you the opportunity to sample more wines and learn a lot is always great.

So there you go, I’m certified now ! Does that give more value to what I’m writing ? Not sure about that but it definitely can’t hurt, right ?