Wine Music : Vouvray

I think it is overdue for a new Wine Music post, and since I did a couple of recent posts on Chenin Blanc in general and Vouvray, in particular, I think I might as well complete my work and provide an appropriate musical match.

Let’s see, a song for Chenin Blanc has to be refreshing, to reflect the trademark acidity. It also needs to be at least a little sweet, to show that Chenin Blanc can be made in an off-dry style. I started my research with those guidelines in mind, and then, I found that there is an actual French band called Chenin Blanc,… The trouble is, well, it’s kind of a white supremacist, skinhead, hardcore punk band. You know people with shaven heads, bombers and baseball bats who like beer, fighting and not much else. I’m being quite literal here, their main song is called “Fight and Get drunk”. I guess they chose the band name because of the “Blanc” rather than the “Chenin” part.

I think pretty much everything about this band disqualifies them from being a good match. Now, I actually like punk music, I’m a big fan of the Clash, but I don’t think any wine can be expressed through a racist song. I don’t think I’ve seen a wine with a political agenda yet. So, back to searching for a Vouvray song then!

So, refreshing, sweet, spring-like… I think I have it! The song that goes with Vouvray is… Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson.

The sweetness is there, I’m a sucker for artists that express feelings through simple words. Metaphors are nice and all, but poetry is more touching when it feels real. The song is also refreshing, its part delivery of the lines, part melody and part pure gleeful singing of the chorus. Also, the name is Bubble Toes and Vouvray can be made as a bubbly, and yes, I’m aware I might be grasping at straws here.

Now, you may not agree with my choice, but I can tell you with certainty that it is still a better choice than a song, than any song, from the Chenin Blanc band…