In vino veritas

The Roman Empire is responsible fro spreading culture, civilization and wine to most of Western Europe, however wine production was quite peculiar back then. Romans tended to dump a piece of toasted bread in their wine to buffer against unpleasant tastes. They would also use lead, either in pots or mixed in the wine to help preserve it. For those who can’t remember their chemistry, or do not watch Breaking Bad, lead is highly poisonous.


Somewhere in there, there is a really bad pun about Saturn to make. I would do it but it’s the end of the year, good resolutions and all that… I’m trying to be a better person so I’m going to let it go. But it’s costing me…


Reviewing vintages before it was cool

The oldest reference to a specific vintage can be found in a treaty by Pliny the Elder, a Roman historian. He referred to 121 BC as a vintage “of the highest excellence”. Kind of like the Antiquity equivalent of 1982.


You know what the crazy part is? Pliny wrote his History of the Roman Empire in 70 AD! So, almost 200 years after it passed, 121 BC was still considered an awesome year. It’s nice to know that historians had their priorities straight.