Flowers go with truffle, Rully Village AOC

Rully AOC, Vincent Dureuil-Janthial 2011

Region: Rully, Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France

Grape: 100% Chardonnay

Price: around 25 euros / 35 dollars


I made a first visit to my favorite wine spot in Paris with a few family members for a quiet evening of wine and cheese. We started off with this wine, following the advice of the bar’s owner. It’s from the Cote Chalonnaise, a sub-region of Burgundy between the Cote de Beaune and the Mâconnais. It produces both red and white wines and has five Village-level appellations including Bouzeron, which produces Aligoté and Rully where the wine we had was made. Besides the village level appellation, Rully also has 23 “Premier Cru” climates, mostly in white. As far as the Cote Chalonnaise goes, Rully has a pretty good reputation. The white wines especially are well reviewed and can sometimes be compared to Cote de Beaune products. The village is also known for its 14th century castle that you can visit while going on a wine tasting tour of the region.


Eye: medium lemon, light green hints

Nose: Clean, medium intensity. Lemon and honeysuckle, lots of other flowers I can’t identify

Palate: dry, medium acidity, medium plus body, medium alcohol, medium finish.

Lemon notes hit first before moving on to lots of floral aromas. I can detect honeysuckle but there are a lot of other white flowers and plants in the mix. It’s actually pretty standard for Rully wines that usually give out a lot of “fleurs de haie” (hedge flowers) notes. I’m terrible with flowers because first I can’t recognize a lot of them, and second, I only know the French word. Tipical “fleurs de haie” for Rully would be aubépine (hawthorn) or acacia.

The wine feels very round without being “fat” like some Cote de Beaune wines, it’s a very smooth, well-made product with a body on the fuller side of medium and a decent finish.

Food pairings: Great wine for light dinner fare like cheese and cold cut plates. We had it with a plate of cheese and some truffle ham. The truffle ham was to die for.

Overall opinion: Great wine, good ambassador to another supposedly lesser part of Burgundy, a more floral style that’s an interesting change of pace. Definitely a good quality product for a Village level wine. This particular producer has an excellent reputation and produces a couple premier crus in Rully and other Cote Chalonnaise AOCs, I’ll try to find some because if they are step up from his Village wine then they will definitely be enjoyable.