Monthly Wine Writing Challenge: the Vote! (Almost)

the drunken cyclist

Over the weekend, The Sweet Sommelier, the host of this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC8) let me know that she was having some trouble getting a survey to embed on her blog. She asked me if I could walk her through how to do it. Her blog is over on Blogspot, however, and I can barely figure out WordPress, so I knew there was no chance in Hades that I was going to be of any assistance.

Instead, I offered to hold the vote over here. Now some of you might be crying foul since I also entered the challenge, but I can assure you that I will not fudge the results. (After all there is no money involved–if there were, well–OK, I would still be honest about it. Now if there was a bottle of Salon Champagne awarded to the winner, let’s just say I would be…

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