Wine Trivia : Be my Valentine

Ok, time for the answers, as often, the Drunken Cyclist leaves the competition in the dust ! Congratulations, especially for finding number 5 which was downright tricky.

1)     Fog : Nebbiolo,  Italian

2)      Spicy Traminer, Gewurztraminer, German

3)      Little sweet one : Dolcetto, Italian

4)      Black pinecone : Pinot Noir, French

5)      Black black (2 languages) : Negroamaro, Latin and ancient Greek

6)      Little green one : Verdicchio, Italian

7)      Little early one : Tempranillo, Spanish

Now for this week, since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I have a lovey-dovey question : Which wine is particularly prized as a gift for Valentine’s Day because of a big heart on its label ?

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